Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Progressive International Motorcycle Show - NYC, Part 4

Part 4 leads us to Triumph Motorcycles. I couldn't wait to check out this part of the press tour. A few of my friends on Google ride them and love them. Riders like +Rachael Fuzzygalore and +Wayne Fields. For most enthusiasts we all know that Triumph is giving BMW ADV riders a run for their money. BMW has been holding the #1 spot for a while, but you can't ignore the Triumph ADV collection. The New Tiger 800/880XC or the Explorer are perfect for the road and off-road experience. The Explorer is packed with 1215cc of power, liquid cooled 12 valve and shaft drive. Switchable ABS, 57 estimated highway miles. Starting at $15,699, I'll take one please! But don't think Triumph has forgotten about their cruiser riders. That's one thing they reminded us at the show by introducing a bagger! Yes, a Bagger! Pretty sweet bike. The sad part is I can't find any info on it. I'll have to dig further in to the press kit and do an update to this blog later.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Progressive International Motorcycle Show - NYC, Part 3

Part 3 continues with Can-Am an innovative new way to ride on three wheels. You can believe what you hear, but you can't dismiss what your eyes see. These bikes are super sporty, comfortable for the long haul and come with tons of accessory options. The cooper and black model is the Spyder RS-S. This is a high performance model with 15 in Carbon black wheels, tons of cargo space, LED lights and this baby is one hell of a bad ass. I know, I know.."it's got 3 wheels". I've heard many say that and so have you. Let's put aside our differences and just look at the bike. We all want the same thing out of riding motorcycles and that's wind in our hair and adventure! We're taught to not judge each other in life when it comes to other things, so don't judge a riders choice of putting 3 wheels in motion versus 2.

Let's get to Victory Motorcycles, aka another American made motorcycle. These guys had a few surprises waiting for us. Victory revealed two special bikes at the show. The first one is Victory's 15th Anniversary touring bike. Only 150 of them were made and the cost for one of them is around $29k.

The next surprise had to do with Cory Ness of Arlen Ness Customs. He designed this Victory Arlen Ness Cross Country Custom that supports the National Motorcycle Museum. You can actually win this bike by donating to the museum.It's packed with 106 cubic inches of power. There's just too much on this bike to list. 

Progressive International Motorcycle Show - NYC, Part 2

Here we go, part 2 leads us to Kawasaki! One bike I couldn't wait to check out was the KLR. 651cc four-stroke, DOHC, four-valve single engine, 5-speed, chain drive, liquid cooled and so much more. This baby is the bad ass that will take on the trail and show you a good time. You'll forget what riding on the street feels like, although this is a street friendly bike. I test road the 2011 model last year and did about 80 mph on the highway. Kind of scary, but still fun! Black, green or yellow are the hot colors for 2013.

If you're more of a cruiser type of rider. The new Valcun line is nothing to dismiss at all. The stock seats are far more comfortable than any Harley Davidson I've ever sat on. The less chrome look is really an eye catcher as well. Less maintenance and more time riding. Serious competition for a more affordable cost.    

Had to save the best for last....the famous Ninja family. Boy are these bikes just sharp. I seriously wanted to ride one off the showroom floor...catch me if you can. One really interesting thing that I personally would have never thought to do with a Ninja is add hard bags to it. I don't know about you, but more than 5hrs on these things and your butt is a goner. You can ask my buddy Louis Clegg about that day! lol Anyhow, the bikes have adjustable windshields, which I thought was really cool feature for when weather changes up on you. Speed, ABS, liquid cooled, from 250cc to 1000cc....the Ninja is indeed still the Captain of the road for sport bikes. Now with a touring luggage option....smh still.  

Progressive International Motorcycle Show - NYC, Part 1

I was lucky enough to score a couple press passes to attend the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows Press Day at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, New York on January 18th on behalf of MotoChat . I invited along a dear friend who's a New York native, writer and producer, the one and only Ms Jeri Klein. On a side note, we were also secretly shopping for a new motorcycle for her. Did we find'll have to read on to find out.

At 9am the Press was taken on a tour to meet and get introduced to the new line of motorcycles that all the major dealership had at the show. While on this tour, I was accompanied by another dear friend, Marjorie Kleiman, aka Shadow, editor of Thunder Press Magazine  and was also able to finally able to meet Lance Lau of Maverick Moto Media

The tour for me started at Honda Powersports (I was late and missed the BMW intros, but stay tuned for those bikes). The first bike that caught my eye was the NC700x (of course). We had a month long special about this bike on MotoChatTV. My co-host J. Brandon was part of the Cycle World NC700x Challenge. (You can find out more about the challenge via our YouTube Channel.) It was awesome to finally see, feel, touch and sit on it. The NC700x is truly a great bike for the money. At under 7k, it's a steal and so are many of the other bikes Honda had to offer. The CBR collection of bikes have truly kept up to the Honda standard. Sharp looking, comfortable, and fast is still part of the package when it comes to these bikes. The CBR600RR features a new front suspension with 12-spoke aluminum wheels and to finish off with C-ABS. For you off-road enthusiasts the CRF250L is calling your name. Fuel injected single-cylinder engine, electric starter, comfortable sitting and very affordable at the pump. The CB1100 was one sharp bike. If you love cafe racer style riding or just cruisers, you'll love this bike. It has an 1140cc Transverse-Four engine, which is pact with power and gives you a nice smooth ride. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter riding with Polar bears?

Since I've relocated back to the Philadelphia area, I've been introduced to a group of riders called Polar Bear Grand Tour. This riding club is sponsored by the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association. Every Sunday from lat October til mid-April there are scheduled rides. Rides are open to members and non-members. If you become a member, the fee isn't really much and there are points awarded for every ride taken. These points are later added up for patches, pins, a percentage of member dues refunded or even a free admission to the end of the tour party.

When you get to the meet up location there are always signs pointing you where to register upon arrival. This is really only for members. If you're just going along for the ride you can skip this and find the food!

There are tons of riders that come along on these rides. A few hundred have been known to show up. (photos were taken at Montgomeryville Cycle - compliment of Walter Kern)

This picture below shows my friend and I waiting to get in line so the ride can start. The group leaders are very well organized. They have a walk-talkie system with varies riders all with in the group. They are probably the most sophisticated "Group Riders" I've ever ridden with. 

When you think there aren't any winter riders, go on a Polar Bear Grand Tour ride and you'll change your mind quick. Find a local chapter near you and tag along. It's worth the experience. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Mid- Jan Sit-ups Challenge. Goal Complete 100 a day

On Facebook I started a group called:  Tuesday Fitness Check-In. It started with a bunch of friends that just shared their weekly progress each Tuesday.We decided to make a group out of it and invite others to join. We currently have 45 members and growing. This group was set up to be a source for motivation and support to anyone trying to develop a healthier lifestyle.

This month I decided to host a challenge Mid-Month Sit-up Challege. The goal is to do 100 sit-ups each day til the end of January. You are to keep track the time it takes for you to complete them. Winners will be chosen as follows:

1) daily participation
2) best progressive time
3) overall personal progress

Are you up for the challenge? If so, we invite you to join our group and start today. 

True bliss!

My first blog post of the year, on a brand new blog! Let's talk about "True Bliss"!

Over the weekend I went on two different rides. I'm a huge motorcycle enthusiast and I never turn down a ride offer. There is just something special about being on a motorcycle. Have you ever felt true bliss in something you do?

Every single time I get on my motorcycle my mind clears, zen thoughts begin to take over, boulders are rolling off my shoulders, a smile a mile long goes across my face and the will that I can do anything takes over. That my friends is my true bliss. Life is something that is meant to be lived. It's as simple as the word itself, means living! Therefore, I challenge you to live life and find your bliss. Don't let anyone tear down your hopes and dreams. The ones that try to, are the ones that will never live life.