Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Progressive International Motorcycle Show - NYC, Part 4

Part 4 leads us to Triumph Motorcycles. I couldn't wait to check out this part of the press tour. A few of my friends on Google ride them and love them. Riders like +Rachael Fuzzygalore and +Wayne Fields. For most enthusiasts we all know that Triumph is giving BMW ADV riders a run for their money. BMW has been holding the #1 spot for a while, but you can't ignore the Triumph ADV collection. The New Tiger 800/880XC or the Explorer are perfect for the road and off-road experience. The Explorer is packed with 1215cc of power, liquid cooled 12 valve and shaft drive. Switchable ABS, 57 estimated highway miles. Starting at $15,699, I'll take one please! But don't think Triumph has forgotten about their cruiser riders. That's one thing they reminded us at the show by introducing a bagger! Yes, a Bagger! Pretty sweet bike. The sad part is I can't find any info on it. I'll have to dig further in to the press kit and do an update to this blog later.