Sunday, March 31, 2013

Motorcycle Spring Fever -MSF

And you thought MSF stood for Motorcycle Safety Foundation...ha! It really stands so for Motorcycle Spring Fever. I don't know about you, but I have had enough with winter. It has been dragging on. The last two days we finally hit temps over 50 F. Although Tuesday we are expecting lows in the 30s again. Come on Winter bug, GO AWAY! The need for wind in my hair, the sun on my skin, the feeling of freedom and nothing on my mind except how many more rolling hills will I be cruising on. You know the feeling, don't you?

On Friday I rode to work and froze my ass off in the morning. My afternoon ride was much more enjoyable. There is a point when riding becomes a task and not a pleasure. That's one thing I never like it to become.     Cold weather can do that. On Saturday I rode to gym and then came home and spent four hours detailing my bike. I have never done this since I rode it off the dealer lot day of purchase in March of 2008. Boy does it look sweet, and boy do I never want to buy another bike with that much chrome!!! Live and learn! lol

So, it's spring right? I'm not sold on that idea quite yet. Although, I do have a ton of rides I would love to go on and places I look forward to seeing this year. Life is full of adventures, I'm thankful mine begin on a motorcycle. Well sunshine, I sure hope to see you soon, I miss you dearly!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

First week of work at

Hope everyone has been having a great March. Spring for the most part is here, besides the snow flurries and the 30 degree temps that seem to linger here and there. At this point, I'm hoping for summer to arrive early. Last week I embarked on a new adventure. A new chapter in my life, if you will. I accepted a position at one of the largest motorcycle eCommerce sites on the web, (note: Soon to be #1)

For those of you not familiar with Revzilla, they sell tons of motorcycle gear and accessories. They have a huge project this year that will expand their business into the V-Twin market. Previously, Revzilla has proven to be the one stop shop for ADV, Dirt and Sports bikes, not to mention Snow mobiles. I'm sure they won't let us down when it comes to us fellow cruiser riders. Revzilla, in my opinion, has the best user website out there. Therefore, if you're a V-Twin rider start exploring their website now and familiarizing yourself with the awesome ZillaCash program. Seriously, free shipping over $39 bucks and you earn cash for ever $100 you spend...I don't know about you, but that's a no brainier!

My first week has been jam packed with training. It has been loads of fun and information overload all at the same time. Coming from a "cruiser" background, many of us don't really know much about all the brands of gear out there. Mainly because that gear is never marketed to our segment of riders. Harley on the other hand, markets to me and hence that's what's in my closet! Since women riders have really made a come up in motorcycling, I feel that gear (protective) has become more of an important thing. I'm really excited to learn more on all these brands that offer protective gear, in order to pass on that education to my V-Twin community.

I'll keep you guys posted on how things continue to develop. I'm off to enjoy the rest of Sunday with family. Remember to check out the site and if you have any questions please comment below or on my G+ profile. I'll leave you with the Harlem Shake video. It's hysterical! (yes, this is where I work now)

Live to Ride, Ride to Live!