Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gone Wireless!

Don't ask why I waited this long to setup a FirstGear Wireless Heat Troller on my 08 FXDL. I'm just glad I did. You still have to have wires in your pocket, but it isn't nearly as bad. Is anyone else using heated gear? I'm currently just running heated sock liners and glove liners from Firstgear. You can find those items being sold by following the link to the heat troller above.

Anyways with this winter not having any end in sight and 5 inches of snow coming tomorrow, this wireless troller will just make things simpler. 

Winter Blues

No matter how much gear you pile on, or even if you have heated gear, winter just gives us all the blues. Us motorcyclists that is. For the few like myself that will ride year around except for when that snow falls, it really isn't a big deal. Nonetheless, who wouldn't prefer to ride on a 70 degree day over a 30 below day and that doesn't include the wind chill.

Icy lakes, icy road ways, and not to mention "the salt, the salt, the God Damn Salt". (Yes I went there and referenced Jimmy Buffet) Anyways you get the point, it's just flat out cold. Company no matter the temps always makes a road trip that much better. I'm fortunate to have folks around me that also ride during the winter months. Perhaps we are just crazy, perhaps we are just stupid but no matter what riding is therapy. It helps to cope with the winter blues. Plus I think being in the cold burns calories, which my waist line doesn't mind at all. ha!

Well friends I sure hope that damn ground hog doesn't see his shadow and cast on us 6 more weeks of this crap come Feb. 2nd. If it turns out to be the case, then we'll just take it for what it's worth and hope we see a 40 degree day filled with sunshine in between the colder more gloomier days. Fingers crossed for an early spring! 

Let's here from you now: How do you feel about the winter months in your neck of the woods as a motorcyclist? Winter Blues? PMS (parked motorcycle syndrome)?