Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Years Moto Resolution

Happy 2016 friends! A new year, new trips, new resolutions. For me, this is a big year. I mean, I do not have plans to tour Africa this year, but I am house hunting. As much as I would like to stay a Nomad and disappear at will, the newlywed thing makes me a bit more grounded.

Here's what I have planned for 2016:

  1. Horizons Unlimited Virginia - April
  2. Outer Banks Bike week - April
  3. Babe's Ride Out -East Coast - May 
  4. Iron Butt- BBG - June
  5. Cuba- TBD, I just want to be sure to bet Corporate America there.
  6. Buy a house somewhere in the USA
  7. Buy an ADV motor bike (RX3, CB500X, going small)
  8. Even with all this planning, being spontaneous is awesome!
What are your plans for the new year?