Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Building a Plane. Yes, I did just say that.

 Well friends I pulled the trigger on building my own plane using the Sonex, LLC aircraft complete airframe kit. We (my husband is helping too) are still waiting for our pallet of stuff to arrive. I really look forward to working on this together. I don't know if we are going to kill each other or be in perfect zen. Time will tell. 

We'll be building the Sonex B-Model. It has gone through some redesign since the legacy Sonex model. Has more cockpit room, extended range, larger space for avionics, and a few other things you can find out about on their website. You can see this in the 20 sec Ad video below. 

Mark Schaible, former GM, as of the 2022 new year is now the new owner of Sonex. Hence the name change from Sonex Aircraft to Sonex, LLC. He had been with the company for the last 2 decades, so it will be great to see what he does moving forward. You can watch the following YouTube video to learn more about this new switch of hands.

The owner community is like one large family. People with different experience levels all with the same goal, build an affordable aircraft. There is a forum and Facebook group filled with builders, enthusiasts looking to build, and those that have built. 

I'm super excited to see how the process works. Planning on keeping track of it all using KitLog Pro. I'll post that information once I get that account going. Some folks have kept track of their builds using Blogger and I guess I could as well, but I really liked the way Kit Log was set up. 

Anyhow, did I say I was super excited? Ha! Well, I really, really am. I look forward to receiving our shipment. It's going to be a huge pallet of parts! 

Cheers for now! 


  1. Very cool project! I had looked into the Quickie Q200 but life… Looking forward to your experience!

    1. Thanks Richard! Should keep us busy for a bit. Ha!