Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Progressive International Motorcycle Show - NYC, Final Part

Ok, time to wrap this up. Sorry I've been busy with home remodels, custom projects for a car that I haven't had time to finish this blog. Please accept my apology friends. While in New York I got to finally meet +Rachael Fuzzygalore. It was such an honor. We've been chatting on the web for a couple years and she tunes in for +MotoChat when she can. Truly a woman rider that really is inspiring. Anyhow, we got to talking about the show and what was going on, while my buddy Captain Ninja was disagreeing about her love for +Ural Motorcycles . He just didn't get it, "cause they go so slow". lol It was funny! We all have our opinions.

Got to meet another celebrating and motorcycle enthusiast Michael Wolf from American Pickers. Indian Motorcycles invited him to the show as a guest of theirs. Also, if you didn't know Polaris also bought Indian, in addition to Victory. It was kind of funny watching the same guy give us a run down of three different brands of bikes.  

Ducati had a few great bikes and gear on display as well as espresso. The espresso was just as impressive as their line of motorcycles. Truly beautiful bikes, but well out of my price range, well at least for the ones I really want. ;) +ZERO MOTORCYCLES was also at the show and had their sport, adv, off road and city cruiser all on display. They have a mobile app that they developed that allows you to adjust the performance of the bike. Pretty cool feature, nice looking bikes.

Here's some of my favorite custom bikes that were on display all over the showroom floor. Some really sharp bikes!

Before heading out I had to pay a visit to the +MotoGP bikes that were on display. 

Well my friends, that's it for this years show! I'll end it with me sitting on this BMW, boy do I look good on that baby! lol Cheers to you and thanks again for reading this series of posts. 


  1. You are so fortunate to meet up with FuzzyGalore and get to the show! Thanks for sharing your photos too. Can't wait to get back on two wheels.

    1. Pam, FuzzyGalore is awesome. I hope the next time we meet we are on bikes. As for you, I can't wait to for the day you tell us you're back on your bike!!!! I hope our paths cross as well. Cheers to you sister!