Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Progressive International Motorcycle Show - NYC, Part 3

Part 3 continues with Can-Am an innovative new way to ride on three wheels. You can believe what you hear, but you can't dismiss what your eyes see. These bikes are super sporty, comfortable for the long haul and come with tons of accessory options. The cooper and black model is the Spyder RS-S. This is a high performance model with 15 in Carbon black wheels, tons of cargo space, LED lights and this baby is one hell of a bad ass. I know, I know.."it's got 3 wheels". I've heard many say that and so have you. Let's put aside our differences and just look at the bike. We all want the same thing out of riding motorcycles and that's wind in our hair and adventure! We're taught to not judge each other in life when it comes to other things, so don't judge a riders choice of putting 3 wheels in motion versus 2.

Let's get to Victory Motorcycles, aka another American made motorcycle. These guys had a few surprises waiting for us. Victory revealed two special bikes at the show. The first one is Victory's 15th Anniversary touring bike. Only 150 of them were made and the cost for one of them is around $29k.

The next surprise had to do with Cory Ness of Arlen Ness Customs. He designed this Victory Arlen Ness Cross Country Custom that supports the National Motorcycle Museum. You can actually win this bike by donating to the museum.It's packed with 106 cubic inches of power. There's just too much on this bike to list. 

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