Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Progressive International Motorcycle Show - NYC, Part 2

Here we go, part 2 leads us to Kawasaki! One bike I couldn't wait to check out was the KLR. 651cc four-stroke, DOHC, four-valve single engine, 5-speed, chain drive, liquid cooled and so much more. This baby is the bad ass that will take on the trail and show you a good time. You'll forget what riding on the street feels like, although this is a street friendly bike. I test road the 2011 model last year and did about 80 mph on the highway. Kind of scary, but still fun! Black, green or yellow are the hot colors for 2013.

If you're more of a cruiser type of rider. The new Valcun line is nothing to dismiss at all. The stock seats are far more comfortable than any Harley Davidson I've ever sat on. The less chrome look is really an eye catcher as well. Less maintenance and more time riding. Serious competition for a more affordable cost.    

Had to save the best for last....the famous Ninja family. Boy are these bikes just sharp. I seriously wanted to ride one off the showroom floor...catch me if you can. One really interesting thing that I personally would have never thought to do with a Ninja is add hard bags to it. I don't know about you, but more than 5hrs on these things and your butt is a goner. You can ask my buddy Louis Clegg about that day! lol Anyhow, the bikes have adjustable windshields, which I thought was really cool feature for when weather changes up on you. Speed, ABS, liquid cooled, from 250cc to 1000cc....the Ninja is indeed still the Captain of the road for sport bikes. Now with a touring luggage option....smh still.