Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter riding with Polar bears?

Since I've relocated back to the Philadelphia area, I've been introduced to a group of riders called Polar Bear Grand Tour. This riding club is sponsored by the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association. Every Sunday from lat October til mid-April there are scheduled rides. Rides are open to members and non-members. If you become a member, the fee isn't really much and there are points awarded for every ride taken. These points are later added up for patches, pins, a percentage of member dues refunded or even a free admission to the end of the tour party.

When you get to the meet up location there are always signs pointing you where to register upon arrival. This is really only for members. If you're just going along for the ride you can skip this and find the food!

There are tons of riders that come along on these rides. A few hundred have been known to show up. (photos were taken at Montgomeryville Cycle - compliment of Walter Kern)

This picture below shows my friend and I waiting to get in line so the ride can start. The group leaders are very well organized. They have a walk-talkie system with varies riders all with in the group. They are probably the most sophisticated "Group Riders" I've ever ridden with. 

When you think there aren't any winter riders, go on a Polar Bear Grand Tour ride and you'll change your mind quick. Find a local chapter near you and tag along. It's worth the experience. 


  1. Hi!
    In Poland, we want to do ride polar bears to the first capital of the country. I have a question on my brothers bike. How many degrees cencjusza is how you ride?

    1. Hi Pawel!
      They have heated gear or snowmobile gear they wear. That helps them to stay warm and comfortable. The coldest I rode with them it was a 30 degree F. I only have heated glove liners, therefore I may not attempt any less than that.
      Hope that helps you and your friends. Thanks for reading and posting a comment.