Friday, January 19, 2018

Theory of Time, Is It An Off and On Switch?

It's a new year and we are all taught to make resolutions. But, what does the term "it's a new year" really mean?

Do we just struggle so much that we have to create an artificial time switch? For a bad year, we switch it off? For a good year, we switch it on? Do you believe that yesterday's actions affect today, and actions today will affect tomorrow? See, even that has a switch! Forget the past, focus on today and hope for tomorrow. We are always hitting the switch to start over! Why?? Why can't things remain constant no matter the struggle or time?

Albert Einstein proposed that "time is a relative concept and the higher you live above sea level the faster you should age." Well thanks, Einstein you just complicated this even more. So not only do we have a time switch, it's where we live that affects how we use that switch or if we use it at all. Einstein's theory has been proved true by experts. I haven't read their findings. I'm not a physicist so I probably would only understand half of what they wrote. Nonetheless, this makes you think. I feel that most scientists are great at what they do, but they are so far out of touch with the world around them. You know, common sense, feelings, relationships and such. Would Einstein have been a different man had he meditated or did yoga every day? What would that Einstein have looked like? Would his theory of time still have meant the same to him, no matter what the math revealed?

I don't have the answers to all these questions. Maybe you do? Maybe you don't either. Perhaps you have never even thought about any of this. All I know is that my new life goal is to forget about the time switch or the resetting of time. My mind has been such a cluster f*@k as of late and it's making me exhausted mentally and physically. I feel I'm overdue on focusing time on myself.

With a strong focus on my inner chi, I feel that I will finally be able to achieve self-actualization I need to find the energy from within that moves me in harmony with the present. I feel that is truly the way one should live or at least how I would like to try to live. 

How about you? What is your take on new years and starting new plans? Do you contemplate some of the very questions I asked myself? I'd love to hear what you have to say. 

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