Thursday, January 26, 2017

DIY - Fixing a Remote Control Due to Corrosion

This morning the heater in our condo went dead. It was screaming bloody murder, like a jack hammer to concrete. After calling the condo emergency repair line, they came running over to help. Looks like it needs a replacement fan motor. Nonetheless, it is about 18 degrees outside and the temperature indoors is beginning to drop. Luckily, I have a really good space heater made by Lasko.

However, when I pulled it out and tried to use the remote, the remote just did not work. So, I turned the unit on by hand to warm up the living room for a bit. Like any space heater, they do consume a lot of power. So, I try to just run it until it warms up and then just deal with the cold again.

That said, I had to fix to the remote. I don't want to keep getting up from the warm couch to turn the darn thing off and on. Call me lazy, call me whatever you want, but if a remote came with it, then I want to be able to use it. So, I decided to take it apart. Here's what happened.

Pulled the Corroded Batteries out - 1 of 2

Opened up the remote, by following the gap around it with a flat head screw driver

Used regular cooking foil to clean all the terminals. 

Used a knife blade to scrape off anything that I couldn't get with the foil. 

Put it all back together and added new batteries. Boom! We have a working remote again.

Do you like to do DIY stuff around the house? Or do you have someone else in your home that sort of takes care of all these sort of things? In my house, my husband doesn't like to be bothered with it. I personally enjoy it!