Tuesday, January 3, 2017

DIY - Fixing a Damaged Camera thread

My Contour Roam 1600 cam broke almost 2 years ago. I mean the camera works, just the threading to add mounts fully came out of the camera and rendered it useless. There was a hole left behind from where the plastic casing for the thread just fell right out. 

Just last night I had an idea out of nowhere! I thought to myself, I can take apart my cheap selfie stick that I had bought for 3 bucks. I had some liquid nails sitting around in a drawer from a home improvement project awhile back. I got up off the couch and my husband looked at me, like what the hell are you doing. I start pulling tools out and running to grab all the things I need. I then took over the kitchen counter.  

After breaking off the female thread from the mount of the selfie stick, I covered the sides of it with the Liquid Nails glue and then set it inside the hole of the camera. If you look through the middle of the threading you will see something white. I actually had a small piece of sticky foam from an eye glass kit. You know those white foam pieces that you stick to your frames that are designed to rest on your nose. It was actually the perfect thickness to keep the thread flush with the outer base of the camera. 

I cannot believe it took me 2 years to finally fix this camera. I will now be able to enjoy it again. Eureka!

Have you ever had to fix something like this before? I seriously had the answer in front of me this whole time.