Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Years Resolution #6, Sort of just got checked off the list

At the beginning of the year I had mentioned that I wanted to buy a house in another state. That was my number 6 new years resolution. You can view my list on that blog I wrote back in Jan by following this link. That said, I did not "buy" a new house, however I have moved out of state. So, I will sort of check that resolution off the list for now.

For those of you that do not know by now, my husband and I relocated to New York state, in an area called Broome County. It is known as the southern tier. It is a very different place than the Philadelphia area that I moved from. We are basically in an area where rural meets rural-suburbia (if that's a thing). For reference, the Philly area was more urban and/or urban-suburbia (if you will). As you can see, that means I have gone country.

Now "going country" is not a bad thing at all. It will just require some adjusting. I have been discovering that Uber doesn't exist here. I can't order Peapod or Amazon Fresh for home delivery. There is no railway system to take me to Binghamton or Ithaca or even Syracuse from where I live. Also, there are no reasonably priced flights to anywhere without selling your kidney first. In addition, there are General Dollar stores everywhere. Seriously, I mean everywhere. If you find you are in the middle of no mans land, don't worry, you are soon to see a General Dollar store.

This might sound like a terrible place to live to you. A place that is far out of touch with society. An area that perhaps is stuck in time compared to larger more progressive areas of this country. Well, there are some positives.

They have a lot of free WiFi hot spots, whether entering into a small village or town, or shopping at any one of your favorite retail giants. Traffic! Well that does not exist here. I was living in gridlock in Chester and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania. Going 3 miles took 15 minutes there or more. Now I just breeze through town without any blockades. Life is simple. There is no feel of the hustle and bustle that the larger city areas create. I feel like I can breathe again. Oh and that is another thing, fresh mountain air. No more allergies, or asthma issues. I consider that I huge win towards a better lifestyle.

Also, the roads! There are no pot holes! It's a miracle to say the least. Pennsylvania was like driving on the moons surface. You can see local tax dollars better spent in Broome County NY. In addition, the roads are beautiful for motorcycle riding or even just taking that Sunday drive in your car or truck.

Along the Susquehanna River in Owego, NY.

There are also tons of lakes for water activities. Some of the most popular are located in what is called the Finger Lakes region. That is located just north of where we moved. My husband and I love fishing and can't wait for the season to start next year. 

We visited Cayuga Lake, part of the Finger Lakes. This view point was in Ithaca, NY.

Now watching the sunrise over the mountains to our south, has seriously been the most amazing thing so far!

Not to mention the breweries and wineries that exist in this area. There are so many, that there are bus tours offered to both. Yes, you can't get around transit wise from city to city, besides the local public bus system, but you can get from brewery to brewery or winery to winery. How ironic right? I'm not complaining! There is a website called "New York Craft Beer". It is your starting point for what they call the "New York State Beer Trail". Who knew there were that many breweries in this area. Step aside Colorado! 
My visit to Ithaca Brewing Company. I loved their selection of craft beers!

As for wineries, there is a website set up called "New York Wines". Everything you need to know about the local wineries, where to find them, what events they are hosting and what awards they won. I have yet to go to any of them. However, this site has allowed me to map out the ones in my new backyard.

What ever the future holds for us here in New York, we at least welcome the new adventure. 

Cheers for now my friends!