Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Life with Beer

I love craft beer. I enjoy the flavors the aromas and all the fancy glasses.  I even drink the cheap stuff, because sometimes, beer is just beer and better than no beer at all.

I decided to scroll through my photos saved in my Google Cloud and realized, I have a lot of beer photos! So you know what, why not share them all in one place.  I basically scrolled through about 3 years worth of photos and these were all of them. I deleted some, wish I hadn't but there are still many to see. Some I don't remember what they were. For the most part I love beers with a very hoppy flavor. However, anything with chocolate or coffee is a bonus!

Nonetheless, enjoy the photos and comment if you have tried any of them. Cheers!

Sierra Nevada IPA

Miller Lite chaser with a Bloody Mary. Only in Milwaukee

I can't remember what this was, but I was left to look after the keg. Bad Idea!

This was a Pils, I don't remember who made it. Miami, Fl though.

Probably an IPA or Double IPA

Most likely a summer seasonal.

Something with high alcohol content. I think this was Victory Brewing.

One of my favorite beers!

The night before I got married. Sly fox rt113 IPA. I will never forget that!

This was the end of a stout I had during a jazz fest in NY.

Flight of beers at the Yard's Brewery in Philly. 

Drinking a Guinness in a private jet! Now that's living! 

Bar in Philly covered in beer caps. I thought this was too cool to not share. 
Flight at Manayunk Brewing

Free IPA keg of some type at bike night in Fish Town, Philly.

Long Trail, such a good beer. 

I love this beer too. Allagash White!

While this was the best of the bunch. I honestly did not care too much for their beers. 


Free beer! Do it! 

MotoGP Indy and it's always Miller Time!

Harley Davidson 110th anniversary beers. MKE celebration.

This had some spice to it. Not bad.

No comment!

Beer always makes a public toilet look better. 

Mystery beer. 

This was delicious! 

Add caption


Miller Fortune. It actually wasn't bad at all. I really liked it. 

I found out I am not a fan of cider beers. 

Sierra Nevada 

Sierra Nevada IPA and Bon Jovi

This is unique to their brewery. Which is located in Pennsylvania.

Hands down the best brewery in the country!! New Glarus, located in Wisconsin.

PBR at the Pabst Brewery! 

Who knows, but we drank a lot that day!

Beer! Better with great friends!

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