Saturday, May 18, 2013

Motorcycling and Sex, Yup lots in common.

Do you remember your first time you had sex? Your first kiss? Probably sucked, but you will never forget it. Now do you remember your first time getting on a motorcycle? Your first group ride? Probably sucked, but you will never forget it. See what I mean, tons in common!

Finally the weekend has arrived and I have been dying to write this post. It dawned on me the other day while I was on my hour and half commute to work. It hit me that motorcycling and sex have tons in common. Alright some of you are probably thinking I am crazy. Think about it. Finding the right partner is important in life, right? Finding the right sex partner is even better! Finding the right motorcycle is just as good of a connection. While finding great riding buddies is even better!

You have no idea how many riders I have ridden with all over the country. From 10,000 motorcyclist in the 911 parade in Phoenix, to hundreds of riders during the Polar Bear tours in the winter, to just myself and a friend out on a days ride. There are moments in life when you realize that will be the last ride with that group you take or with that individual. Maybe because the group rides really fast and unsafe. Maybe because your buddy keeps leaving you at stop lights. Definitely not fun experiences and you say to yourself "never again". You also will never forget. Same thing falls true with your sex partner. If your not satisfied you never let it happen again. (or at least that's what you say to yourself, but eventually "never again")

As time goes on and the older we get, we learn from our mistakes. Whether it's how we ride through the next turn, or who we choose to sleep with. Mistakes make us stronger and wiser, but be sure to share that wisdom or its all for nothing.

To conclude, safe motorcycling is like safe sex, the more you protect yourself the more fun you can have. Enjoy the weekend my friends. For those of you that get to enjoy both this weekend, hats off to you!

In the meantime, what are your thoughts about this post? I would love to hear your feedback.

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