Sunday, May 22, 2016

Oldest Brewery in PA? Move over Yuengling!

Well last week I had the opportunity with some friends to visit one of the oldest brewery's in Pennsylvania and even the United States. It is called Bube's Brewery. You pronounce that "boobie's", yup, tits folks! That is the best way to remember how to say it and t-shirts in their gift shop play off of this as well. Follow me as I take you for a tour.

Main entrance

Bube's Taps on the original bar at the hotel attached to the original brewery.
Original bar at the hotel attached to the brewery. It was a Men's only bar. The hotel was also used a brothel. 

The pictures below are the original beer barrels used to hold the beer during fermentation. They are no longer used, it is just a room with about 4 of these barrels. They have access doors at the bottom, that little children or small men were hired to get in there to clean. Whoever was hired to scrub the insides of these barrels during rotation, was always sent home for the rest of their shift due to the fumes of the alcohol. So, basically everyone knew you were drunk and you got paid to go home and sleep it off. Where is this job now!! ha-ha! Sign me up!

Now follow us down into the caves. The cave area is where the beer was stored at a cooler temperature. I honestly do not recall how many feet we were under the street. Once you follow the stairs down to the caves, you see that it is basically a dinning hall now. It is a really large space, and the venting for the caves is still there. There use to be a tunnel that led out from there that was part of the under ground railroad system, as well as prohibition. Occasionally it was your get out of jail ticket too when the brothel was rated by the police. 

After going underground we were taking outside to the courtyard. What a beautiful set up. It was raining when we were there, so we did not get a chance to enjoy it.

The brewery bar. 

Well friends, that is Bube's Brewery. The food wasn't the greatest, and they ran out of their own beer, but it is a staple in beer history and I recommend you go.

Cheers! I got the last of their Pineapple IPA! 

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