Monday, November 23, 2015

Tis' The Season For a New Red K&N Air Filter

Goodbye Black and worn out K&N filter. You have done all you could do. Many cleanings and oil treatments and you never let me down even when it was pouring down rain and I forgot my rain sock. I want to thank you for the 56,000 miles you gave me. Peace out!

HD Screaming Eagle Heavy Breather w/K&N filter

Hello brand new K&N filter. I forgot how sexy you look in red. I know you will be good to me for another 50 plus thousand miles! 

The removal and install was super easy. If you actually look at my old filter you can see the chrome backing plate where the clamp is has been removed. Well, I did not remove it, it actually fell off. I still have it, but all the glue in the world that I had around the house just never held it back in place. Nonetheless, it is good to have a new filter back on so Nomad can breathe cleaner again. Here is a quick video put together by my Google Movie Collections, I love how it just takes an experience and pops a video out for you to share.


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